The Beauty of Organization

Several weeks ago a dear friend and I were talking. She was sharing how much she loves organizing, and how if she were to ever start a business, organization would be her niche. I proceeded to poke her with questions and then asked if I could hire her! You betcha I did!

I proceeded to explain to her my most frustrating space at the moment was my pantry and kitchen cabinets. You see I have a fairly large kitchen, but the pantry is small. I get stuck knowing what to put where, how to best utilize my space and the flow and function of my kitchen. As you might guess I spend A LOT of time in my kitchen, so this space is very important for me to love and feel clarity in.

So my friend came over and dove in headfirst. First she came to evaluate, take note of my desires, opinions and struggles firsthand. She then ordered all the appropriate containers and organizing supplies that would best help in the organization process. Which honestly, this was overwhelming to me as well! I love organizers and all the products, but I walk into The Container Store, or like store, and become so overwhelmed! What to get!?!? I feel I need it ALL!

Long story short, she made my kitchen a beautifully organized space and for that, I am THRILLED.

Believe it or not I did not get any pictures of my before! It wasn’t terrible but wasn’t awesome..

This is the after. Look how pretty! She got most of the containers from Costco. They are the iDesign line. Those she couldn’t get from Costco she got from The Container Store.

When the kids saw the pantry they said, “We have so much good food to choose from!” I laughed out loud because I hadn’t been shopping that day. The food was just displayed in a way that was pleasing to the eye and clearly arranged!

With things so organized I can clearly see my options, foods that need used, and ingredients that I have to use. I LOVE to be in my kitchen creating, so to be able to love my space and have clarity with my space is awesome.

It pays to have amazing friends. I am reminded almost daily the value of friendships, relationships and how we have value to one another. I was simply sharing with Heather my dreams for my business, which led to her sharing about her passions.

Be willing to go first – put yourself out there. Share and be vulnerable with trusted friends. You will likely be surprised by your return on investment. ❤️