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Home Court Advantage

There is definitely an edge that one has, or one’s team has, when at home. You are able to sleep in your own bed, you have people around surrounding you that are cheering for you, you know the court, the elements. Most importantly, you are able to maintain your routine.

As the holidays are upon us, we have parties on random weeknights. We travel to see family. We sleep in random beds. We stay up late and are awoken early. There is an endless array of food. I don’t know a grandparent or parent who doesn’t love to feed and spoil his or her family this time of year.

So how do we manage this without getting grumpy, in a funk, or just overloaded? I don’t know about you – but I love my routine. I love my bed. BUT I love my family more (sometimes my selfishness and attitude don’t reflect this, but ultimately I do!).

So how do I maintain some sort of health and order in the midst of the distractions, lack of routine and noise? I have a few simple tips and tricks that I strive to maintain, giving my body and my mind some consistency that I crave.


So boring, right? You were probably gearing up for something fun or more interesting, but nope – water. That’s it. πŸ˜„ I chuckle because the most obvious is most often the most forgotten. Water is free. Everyone has it. Now I will say that if you are a big water drinker, you know that not all water tastes the same! So if you are going somewhere, and you know you don’t prefer their water, stick a case of water bottles in the back of your vehicle. Grab 5-6 bottles and commit to drinking them over the course of your day or event. Hydration will help your energy, your digestion, your hunger, your cravings for more and more. I could go on and on about the importance of this. If you are tempted to just keep eating because you just want to keep eating – try drinking a glass or two of water. I guarantee you will no longer be tempted because your stomach will be full, and you will feel so much better.

2. Protein

Make sure you get in your protein. For example, if I know our event is going to be a dinner – towards the afternoon or evening, I will be sure to eat high protein foods and drinks the morning and early afternoon before the event. I will save my carbs and fat for the event. The decadent foods and drinks often enjoyed at parties and events are high carbs and high fat. Now I am not saying that I think it’s important to hit your macros perfectly on the day of a party. If you want to, or have big goals, you do you.

However, I have found that if I am fueled well before an event, I am much more likely to be wise in my food and beverage choices. I am much more likely to enjoy myself without overindulging. I know that if I have egg whites, cottage cheese, nonfat greek yogurt, a protein smoothie/bowl, or protein bar before or after the event, I am much better fueled. Therefore, I am more successful at enjoying the true intention of the event (people), rather than gorging my stomach.

Also, I have been known to eat a protein bar while driving to an event because I was already feeling pretty hungry, and I knew that it would be awhile before eating. I have learned that as a mom and also daughter (I know it blesses our mothers when I help them serve), I am typically one of the last to eat. So if I am not ravenous, I am less likely to stare impatiently as everyone methodically makes their way through the food before me. πŸ˜‰

3. Steps

10,000 steps a day kind of steps. Over the holidays, gyms have different hours and when traveling, exercise or a full-on workout might not be an option. So I try to at least just get in a lot of steps. Take walks with the family. Walking is free and available ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. Get outside, walk around the house, help in the kitchen, pick up wrapping paper, be active. You will be happier and feel better.

4. Sleep

When and how you can – try to get some good sleep. This might mean slipping away and taking a short nap, if you can nap. You might have a short night or two, but strive to make sleep a priority on the other nights.

5. Quiet Time

For me quiet time is in the morning (typically before my family is awake). I like to have some water, some aminos, probiotics, and coffee (remember – hydrate πŸ˜„). I like to journal, pray, and read my Bible. I typically have a Bible study or some formal study going, but when I travel especially, I love the YouVersion Bible App. If I am thinking ahead, I will download a plan or two. This gives me something to read and walk away with a thought or two from Scripture to hide in my heart. I’m so much better for my people if I can sneak away and have some alone time with God.

If I can’t find a place of quiet in the house, I will sneak away for a run or walk outside (be sure to pack gear for the winter!).

6. Track

There are those meals that are so hard to track. If it’s the event meal – go with it. Be moderate and wise in your choices, take only one plate, and enjoy. Otherwise, the rest of the day, I find it valuable to track my food. This way I know that I am going into the event with adequate protein already consumed and plenty of carbs and fat left for the event.

7. Jump In and Jump Out!

So you’ve got your family Christmas, the day, the meal, the event, whatever it is. So you indulge and enjoy yourself. Now what – keep going and indulging? Don’t. Just don’t. You will be miserable. One meal. One event. One day. Even one weekend will not derail your goals. They just won’t. However, be quick to bounce back into your routine of eating and nutrition. If you can jump back in the very next morning or the very next meal, you can enjoy a meal of indulgence and still feel fantastic! It’s the snowball effect of indulgence that can derail you and make you miserable. So just be quick to jump in and enjoy, but be quick to jump back out, diving back into your normal routine.

Have any questions or tips of your own? I would love to hear them! Please comment below or email me!

Have a wonderful Holiday season and a Merry Christmas! πŸ€—πŸŽ„

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