How Not To Overindulge Over The Holidays

Ah the holidays. The food. The wine. The family. The friends. The get togethers. The memories. The fun. The laughs.

All of it is so good. All of it can be…dare I say…too much at times?

Want to put me in a scrunchy mood? Get me stuffed and way overfull of too much sugar, fat, indulgence. Too much of all of it just puts me in a funk. When I feel so gross, I am not my best self. I am not my normal high energy, happy to be with my people human .

So just don’t overeat then, right? Andria – just don’t overeat or overindulge, and you will have a spectacular holiday season. It’s just that simple.

Well, it is but then it isn’t. It is HARD to not overindulge in all the deliciousness and merriment! Am I right? Or am I right?

Some of you might be thinking – I don’t understand. I just don’t overindulge. Simple. But many of you are with me. I can feel it.

So what’s the plan. What are we going to do to not overindulge and to give our best to our families and friends?

I have compiled a list of tips that have been beneficial to me in the past. Tips that I preach to my clients. And tips that I have to remind myself of each and every holiday gathering and season. Because even though I might follow these tips and remember these tips for one event. I can fall flat on my face into a pot of mashed potatoes – faster than you can spell potatoes – the very next day at another event.

Tip #1 – Do not go into the meal STARVING.

I have made this mistake one too many times. You think – save up – right? Well, it only leads you to overindulgence. It’s good to be hungry, so you can thoroughly enjoy all the flavors of the meal. However, to be ravenous to the point in which it will lead to overindulge and overeating, this is not beneficial.

Tip #2 – Fill up on high protein, low fat food and drink before the meal or event.

Typically, the food and drink you will want to indulge in will be higher in carbohydrates and fat. So the protein will help you do better to meet your macros and protein intake, helping you to be well-fueled. It will also help you to be healthily hungry but not too hungry beforehand.

Tip #3 – One plate.

This tip and rule is CLUTCH for me. I encourage you to fill up your plate with anything and everything that looks good to you. Try everything slowly. Fill up on the foods that you enjoy the MOST, first! But I feel SOOO much better if I avoid seconds (and thirds).

Tip #4 – Eat Slowly.

Eat slowly. Have a glass of water with you. Drink water. Take lots of conversation breaks. And ENJOY! Remember how long it takes to prepare the food. Appreciate all the work by giving the food and the cook the respect and appreciation they deserve.

Tip #5 – Concentrate on the people!

Isn’t this the reason we are getting together in the first place? Truly!? I think it’s quickly and easily forgotten, but we wouldn’t be having these meals and gatherings if not for the people – family and friends.

One thing my husband and I like to do before a gathering, is to to think through who we are going to be with and think of questions or conversation starters beforehand. This way, when the conversation lags, or we start to get bored, we tap into those forethought questions and starters.

Tip #6 – Stay hydrated.

Drink lots of water beforehand and have a glass of water with you throughout the meal and event. Even if you want to have a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage, keep drinking water as well.

Tip #7 – Count your blessings. Enjoy and love your people well.

It’s about the people and not the food. So when your eyes continue to drift back to the buffet and you are tempted to go back for more (but are no longer actually hungry), keep those eyes fixed on your people. Talk. Initiate games or activities. Help in the kitchen! Busy yourselves serving and loving people. You will walk away a happier and better version of yourself and will have blessed those you were with in the process. I guarantee you will have fonder memories of the event in keeping with these principals.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! ❤️

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