Ham Salad Recipe

“What do I do with all these hams?” This was a question I posed to my husband when he came home with an entire hog butchered and processed for my freezer.

Several months ago when the pandemic was making everything weird (more so than it is currently), there became a shortage of pork due to COVID outbreaks in many meat plants. My husband – the meat lover that he is – panicked. It was one thing to be quarantined. It was another to wear masks and wash hands. It was another to have the potential of being short on toilet paper. But shortage on meat!!!???? He was standing in line at Sam’s Club faster than you can spell the word m-e-a-t. The man is a meat and cheese guy if there ever was one.

So when his parents called and said they had a hookup on a couple of hogs – he was like yes, yes and yes!!! I personally am OK with meat. I like it. I will eat a little day to day, but it’s honestly not super important to me – so I put him in charge of what he wanted to order. Well, he of course was super busy, had to make an order quickly, and came home with 5 HUGE hams!

I am personally not a huge ham lover, so I’m like what in the world!? Now what!? Thankfully, the rest of my family LOVES ham, so it’s been a great, easy meat to prep. Bonus, they’re all HUGE! So when I make one, it feeds the family for SEVERAL meals and then some.

Well, the novelty of the ham has worn off a bit, and it’s getting eaten with less and less enthusiasm. Of course, hating to throw away food like I do, I decided to try something different. Now I will say that while ham is just OK to me, I do LOVE me some ham salad.

I feel like ham salad is something you either love or you hate. I love it. My husband loves it. Some of the kids love it – but that’s ok. It goes fast. I did up a batch and YUM!!!! This is something I could definitely get used to!

If you are a fan of ham salad – it is so EASY. If you have the ham – I HIGHLY recommend whipping up a batch of this for lunches, after school snacks, or busy, easy weeknight dinners.

Also, as we are nearing the holidays, I feel like many of us will have leftover ham in our refrigerators at some point. So instead of allowing it to go to waste or eating it out of obligation to simply eat up the leftovers, mix it up. Give the ham an upgrade, turning it into a completely different meal!

Ham Salad

A delicious and way to use up ham leftover from the holidays or family dinner!


  • 1 pound cooked ham, cut into chunks or sliced
  • 3/4 cup mayo
  • 1 TBS yellow mustard
  • 1 tsp Dijon mustard
  • 3 large eggs, hard boiled and diced
  • 3 TBS dill relish


  1. Placed cooked ham in the processor and run on high until the ham is ground.
  2. Place the ham in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Stir and combine well.
  3. Serve with crackers, on bread, or with veggies.
  4. Store in refrigerator.


Per Serving: 153 Calories; 1.5 g Carbohydrates; 12.7 g Fat; 8.2 g Protein.

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