Meal Planning Monday

After perusing through my freezer the other day, I realized how much food was there – and food that has been in there for far too long! So much of it I want to eat, but for some reason I just haven’t! So I’m committing this week to working from that menu.

From my freezer I have some gnocchi from Trader Joe’s that is delicious. I have gotten this and eaten it before, so I know I love it. Why have I not eaten it? Truth? It got shoved down underneath other foods in my freezer, and I simply forgot about it!

The “red bag chicken” from Aldi is another family favorite. This chicken is the most like Chick-fil-a. Put one of these on a bun with some Honey Mustard, BBQ or copycat Chick-fil-a sauce, pickle, and you have yourself a Chick-fil-a sandwich. Seriously. It is a must try.

Thirdly, these Cowboy veggie burgers from Trader Joe’s are amazing. I will pop these in the air fryer, and then eat them atop my spinach salads. So good.

Also, for my carb, I have rice and pasta in the pantry that I will cook up for sides to my meals for added carbs as needed.

I did get fresh veggies and fruit from the grocery last weekend. We will eat these to fill on our meals and snacks.

So, the plan is to not cook or prepare anything new – I plan to use up these foods first. This should in theory free me up to get a lot done this week, right!?

🤣 We shall see…

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