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Amazon Prime Favorites

We love our Kindle readers around here. I have used one for years!!! I love to have all of my books on one small device for easy travel and by my bed. I especially love being able to lie in bed with all the lights off and read until my eyes go heavy.

It sounds silly, but reading with the lamp is kind of a deal to me. I get all cozy under the covers until my eyes get heavy, and then I have to sit up and STRETCH to turn off the lamp. Then, I have to get cozy again. 🀣 You guys it’s the little things ok?

In the past couple of years I have gotten my older kids Kindle readers as well. They like to read before bed, and I wanted them to be able to turn out the lights, get comfy and read until their eyes got heavy as well. 😍

These are things I just ordered myself and some of our favorite products!!! These Premier Protein shakes are clutch for easy grab and go protein. My husband and I take them with us a lot to the gym and will sip on the way home to get some fast hitting protein in our bodies for quick muscle recovery and growth.

Also this new Hero brand of Quest bars are YUM!!!!! They are super on sale, so take advantage!

Hearing a lot about the benefits of apple cider vinegar but wondering how in the world you would even begin to choke it down? These chews are great tasting and seem to be very quality in ingredients and integrity.

If you’re an oatmeal fan like we are, or use oats in most EVERYTHING it seems, they are on sale as well. And best of all? Delivered straight to your door. 🀣

Foam rolling is ESSENTIAL to healthy bodies. For those of who are actively exercising or just actively living, you need to be doing this on the regular. You have no idea the kinks and niggles you could be avoiding if you would just work out some of that fascia. Also, it’s a great tool for warming up the muscles. Don’t know how it works or how to use it? Most all foam rollers will come with some instructions, or you can simply Google it of course. πŸ˜‰

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