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Amazon Prime Day

I love the new Apple AirPods Pro. Some benefits to the Pro verses the original that are important to me, are that they are water resistant. I like to wear these on my Peloton and when working out. It is important to me that they can handle some sweat. Also, they have three sizes of silicone tips for the ear. My ears are oddly small, and I have a terrible time finding ear buds that fit well. So the fact that these come with small tips is super important to me! I did change out the original tips for the smallest size, and they fit great!

We got each of our kids an Echo Dot for their rooms last year for Christmas, and they have been a HIT. They love to go their rooms and listen to music with them, play games on them (Would You Rather), listen to the radio or podcasts, listen to books. This past fall Jackson got a concussion, and his Echo Dot was a LIFESAVER. He wasn’t able to read nor be on screens. For a few days he barely wanted to get out of bed. He felt best lying in the dark room, so listening to books and podcasts on his Dot was an awesome activity for him to keep him from going crazy.

The kids also use their Dot for their alarm clocks. We don’t allow them to have phones or ipads in their rooms at night, so in place of using a device as an alarm clock, the Dot wakes them to whatever they want to be awoken to – songs, sounds, various volumes, etc.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is a GREAT gift for Christmas or birthday. I was on the Series 2 watch up until about a month ago, and the battery was SHOT. So for my birthday, I decided to upgrade to the 5. I took a long hard look at the Series 6 – the latest watch to come out. However, the upgrades to the 5 didn’t seem worth the financial investment/difference for me. Also, the 5 had such good reviews on so many platforms, that I decided to save the money and go with the 5. I am so glad I did!!! I absolutely love this watch! It runs just beautifully. It does have the option to stay lit all the time rather than go dark with a screen saver. However, I have heard that this can shorten the battery life. I have it set to go dark so I have a nice long battery life, as this was my beef with my old watch.

I am big on tracking my steps, so this annoyed me when I would have to take my watch off to charge during the day. Or when I would be on a walk, and it would die. 🙄

My instant pot and air fryer âĪïļðŸ˜. All the love for these two kitchen items. I love them both so much! I use my air fryer at least once a day, and my instant pot at least once a week. So to have them both as the same appliance!? I am in! This is a great deal on the instant pot/fryer if you’re in the market!

For the green thumb challenged like myself, this AeroGarden is your perfect tool to being able to grow your own herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. This baby is AWESOME! It literally does all the thinking for you! I am horrible about remembering when my plants need food or fertilizer. Or I will either overwater or underwater. I’m a mess. The irony of it all is that I am from an agricultural background. My dad is a grain farmer, and my mom came from an agricultural background as well. Both of them have amazing gardens.

How I missed the gene or gift to grow, I do not know. However, this AeroGarden has been my greatest ally. It tells me when to add food and when to add water. It has a timed light so the plants get the right amount of “sun”. It’s incredible. I highly recommend. I love to use a lot of fresh basil and herbs in my cooking, so this makes it incredibly handy to do just that.

On the screens a lot? For work and play? Who isn’t these days? I have gotten these for my husband and myself. They are on sale for a great price! ðŸĪ“

This is an AWESOME buy and a great gift for someone you love as well as yourself! I love this stuff!

Ordering the long sleeve shirt with pockets for both my daughter and me. It looks super comfy and so darn cute!

Soccer mom? Baseball mom? You need this fan!!! It is a game-changer (pun-intended ðŸĪŠ)! Some days here in Indiana are SOOOO hot. I always say – once you get out on the field the weather is either 20 degrees hotter or 20 degrees cooler than it was in your driveway. So on those days when there is no breeze nor relief from the sun, the air movement that this fan provides is wonderful! And its super easy to just keep in your vehicle with your chairs and gear!

I may or may not be buying some to give as gifts. ðŸĪŦ

My daughter loves doing her nails, but regular nail polish just does not last. So we invested in a gel manicure kit complete with the lamp. However, this one has a fan in it as well and the reviews are 👍ðŸŧ👍ðŸŧ. The price point is great and perfect for Christmas and/or birthday gifting.

Also check out my favorites page for more ideas and favorites of mine for fashion, fitness and the kitchen.

It’s crazy and I kind of hate to say it, but Christmas is going to be here before we know it! ðŸ˜ģ Get a jump on it and save yourself some $$!

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