Fall Finds at Trader Joe’s

Yes I realize I need to do away with summery flowers now with my pumpkins, but I can’t get motivated to get rid of the pop of color and life these pots give me.

Yesterday I went to Trader Joe’s for “a few things.” Famous last words, I know. I pulled up and saw the pumpkins and thought, “Today is the day I will get my pumpkins are start getting my house decorated for fall.” (It’s very hard for me to move out of summer).

Then, I walked inside the store and was hit with all the amazing pumpkin and fall seasoned products, and I COULD NOT RESIST! I love pumpkin flavored food! Always have.

Here are some things I found. Many of these products I have tried before but some are new to me. Thus far everything I have tried has been YUM!!!

The pumpkin spice pretzel slims – oh my goodness so good!!! The apple fruit snacks literally taste like little fruit snacks, and maple butter is just as wonderful as it sounds.
This spread is OH MY GOODNESS good. So much better than I anticipated even. I put it on a rice cake, but I can’t wait to put it in my oats or eat on my bread, toast or pumpkin bread. I can’t quite believe how much it truly tastes like a Cinnamon Bun!
This bread and muffin mix is unbelievable. Last year I had to make several trips to get more boxes. The bread is so moist (ick – I know – hate the word but I have to use it here). When checking out with my first box last fall, the cashier told me to replace the oil with their pumpkin butter. You guys – next level. So good. Must try!!!
All the cute pumpkins. I bought nine and placed them all over my house. Such a reasonable, easy way to decorate for fall. Also, their candles are amazing, and I feel like they sell out so quickly. So I snagged the Vanilla Pumpkin. I love having candles lit. Provides such a cozy atmosphere, and I love to have things smelling beautiful.
This hand soap smells AMAZING. I bought three and wish I had gotten more. Earlier today I kept wondering what I put on that smelled so good (I was thinking lotion? Perfume? What could it be?), and then I realized it was the hand soap! Also, I love this body butter! I was excited to see it in stock again!
This coffee is delicious!!!
I got three of these for the kiddos. We love to do gingerbread houses around Christmastime, so I thought these looked super fun! AND it’s still nice outside, so I think we will do them outside! 👍🏻👍🏻 Creating the mess outside? Win! Win! Win! 😉

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