Friday Favorites

I love these posts on other blogs. Friday’s are days of excitement for me – I get excited for the weekend to come, to take a break from the structure of the week. Appreciating the satisfaction that comes from a full week behind me, I anticipate the break from the week that the weekend brings. With that said, Friday’s are a day when I am in the mood to start the fun! What better way to start the fun with some Friday Favorites!

Salad Scissors

My favorites post could not go any further without including my most beloved, most well-used kitchen tool for my salads. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love a good salad. Not only do I love a good salad, I love a huge salad with tons of variety. Most importantly, I love a huge salad that is well-chopped!!! I used to knife and cutting board all my chopped lettuce and spinach. While it is fine to do it this way – I find it to be so messy! Enter this absolute amazing tool…salad scissors

Air Fryer

Finally my salads would not be complete without something hot on them. I love a good salad with freshly roasted veggies, a rewarmed casserole, veggie, turkey, salmon burgers…skies the limit. All these are done to perfection in my air fryer. I use this bad boy every. single. day. When I initially purchased it I made a home for it in one of our cabinets; however, it now sits on the corner of my counter simply because I use it multiple times every day. All my leftovers and roasting are done in my air fryer now. This is the one that I have. I have used it HARD and have had it for well over a year now. No complaints here.


Another love – off topic of kitchen gadgets and tools – is the fact that all of my children are attending school. In person!! I am so thankful for our little school. The staff has done such a wonderful job of being creative in spacing and flow so to maintain in person education. I can’t believe the difference it makes for my children and their dispositions to be able to be with their friends and be amongst their peers. This is something I would have NEVER dreamed of even being aware of let alone being thankful for; nonetheless it is 2020. 🤪

Pumpkin Spice…Latte

Lastly, all things pumpkin spice. Now by no means am I wishing away summer. I will never want to way no to summer. Never. But pumpkin flavor and pumpkin spice…All the things. I know. I know. I hang my head. But I can’t help it!!! I LOVE pumpkin spice!!! So here is my little macro-friendly version of a killer pumpkin spice latte.

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