About Me

My name is Andria Sprunger. This blog is inspired by my love for health and fitness. I have a passion for food and food creation. The kitchen is a place where I feel creative and inspired to create. I love to take an ingredient or a recipe and create my own spin on a food or meal. Thankfully my family is fairly flexible and willing to try MOST of what I put in front them.

I grew up in an active home. My mom always exercised (Jane Fonda anyone?). As a result of her example, exercise and fitness were something that I started to do as well. We were an active family taking part in sports, water sports, etc. I picked up running in high school. Running quickly became a time of mental reflection and an emotional outlet for me.

I have continued to pursue exercise and fitness, knowing that my mind needs it as much as my heart and body. I need the physical outlet. However, I have not always have the diet component down. I have struggled with overeating, under-eating, obsessive dieting, trying ALL the diets.

Several years ago, summer of 2017, I was fed up. I was gaining weight and struggling to dial in my fueling and nutrition. I was under-eating, then overeating, feeling low energy, and working out like crazy, trying desperately to reverse the upward trend of the scale and fat accumulation. The scales were consistently climbing as my clothes were getting tighter.

A dear friend introduced me to macro-nutrition and how I might benefit from this approach to guide my fueling. The coach that I chose to help me figure out my macro goals, specifically focused on fueling to enhance performance.

I learned quickly that eating to fuel and perform well is life-giving. As a busy mom of 3, not only do I really enjoy fitness and want to have great workouts, but my life requires a great deal of strength and energy as well! Can you relate?

I have loved the approach to counting macros. My body feels so good while fueling with the appropriate macros and calories for me. I have since shed 20 pounds and maintain that weight loss all while adjusting my macros according to my metabolic needs. When the body is healthy and happy, it is your greatest ally and partner in living the best life you were created to live.

Want to know how this might look for you? Please reach out to me. Send me an email or message me. I would love to dive into this further and individualize this to you.

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